Girl Meets Boy.

Time flies by.Days,weeks,months even. The empty feeling still eating me up. It’s like I’m stuck in limbo and the only one to save me, is me.

When he cares it’s amazing, it’s like there’s no one in the world but me to him. “I am all he can think about.” 

Then he gets distant. I become another one of the boys with additional features like a great bust, an amazing arse and a beating heart. I fade into the environment around him.

When a few days go by without word from me, he’ll call or text. When I fuss about closure, I’m apparently PMSing. It’s okay honey booboo. You’re right as always. I’ll play the good wife in this black and white movie of yours. I’ll fade into the gray again. Not for long.

If you don’t want to text me, baby don’t. If you don’t want to call me, don’t waste yourself. I don’t like pretending either. Don’t feed me your I was busy, I was distracted BS. If you thought I’m Rihanna, I’m not, because I don’t love the way you lie.

Remember that first time we met? When I saw danger in your eyes but still followed you along because of a silly attraction I thought would fade away. Well that’s a lesson right there. Even when I’m right I’m wrong. Get it? Yeah me neither.

You were my lifeline. Corny right? But slowly….. Steadily…. Your poison’s getting to me. I’m flat lining. I’ve gotta fight you. Your love, your charm and your demons. I’m breaking free. 

You loved me at my darkest, I loved me at my strongest point. When I decided that I dont need you to break me down, I can do that better than you ever will on my own honey. What I’m trying to say makes no sense but….please remember my birthday this year and you won’t have to find out where I’ll bury your sorry self this year.

“Tushy you are absolutely terrible at emotional things you know that?”

“Mandy, I’m terrible at a lot of things. What I’m good at though? No one beats me at it.”

“Yeah I get it but still. Where was that whole story headed? I need to know.”

“It’s how girl meets boy. Its also how boy will meet his maker if he doesn’t give me my attention now.”

“Alryteee Queen Crazy. It’s late. Catch you tomorrow babes.”

(Door opens.)

“Mandy, I’m afraid that the one person that makes me happy is meant to be in witness protection, with bulletproof everything. I’m gonna rain ammunition on him. He hasn’t texted me since you got here! These men are all…”

(Phone rings.)

“Never mind. False alarm. He was seating an exam.”


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