I Need You.

Hey Kiss Bandit,

Please dont tear this in two. I know you’re thinking it so stop. Just hear me out. Even for a few minutes. If you get halfway through this and think its crap, just burn it. If you get through it all, well and good.

So how have you been? It’s been months and I thought you’d be back by now. Guess I was wrong. 

You look great by the way. I see your  pictures everyday and can’t believe how much you’ve grown. Can beauty increase? Maybe I just never saw it all at the time. 

Remember the time we went for lunch and you got into so much trouble because you got home the next day? What about the time we went dancing? The time you met my friends? I remember the day you met up with me dressed in that red number. I can still see it in my mind. If looks could kill…

I remember how pissed off you got when I ogled at  people on the street or in restaurants. Your eyes sold you out every time. They’d get cold and emotionless. I also remember how happy you were when I held you close. I felt so happy I could die.

Then you left. Disappeared. Without a trace. Almost as if I’d imagined you. Did  it break you how it broke me? Did your days look bleak? Did the wind stop whistling those silly tunes? Or did life go on as usual? 

I need you now. I needed you then and I’ll always need you. We  talked things through but I dont know if we’ll be back to where we were. I hurt you. You hurt me. Let’s consider it a draw. I’ll be better. Trust me. For you, I’ll be better. I’m back now and I want to fix us.

Just cause the joy is all gone, just cause our times already up and just cause I think of you late at night, I’m begging you, dont let it go now. One last chance . I need you most.



**Major eyeroll**
I finish up my coffee, wrap my afro up in a scarf and put the letter back in its envelope. I jot down something on a sticky note and slip  it in the envelope too. I reseal the letter and neatly write on it. Return to sender. 

I walk into my room and mutter under my breath, “Bae really does mean poop.” I’ll post it in the morning.


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