I smiled.

I don’t know if this title works with what I’m gonna write but whatever. He was the one I had been waiting for. The one who’d take my thoughts and my emotions on a drug high. It was crazy! Here I am, trying to act normal and cute but nooooooo, I end up choking on my chicken wing and my laughter turning into a snort when he told a joke. When we parted ways afterwards, it felt like I’d tried and failed an audition. In my head I’m like “There goes his first impression of me and my shame.”

So after a sulky drive home and staring at my screen waiting for a text back forever, I decide to just go to bed. ( PS:I don’t own a car but public transport will never let me down.) One last look at my phone before I lose all hope. Nothing. So I put my head down,pulled my blankets closer and tried to shut out the many excuses my brain made up for the guy. I’m getting really drowsy now, almost shutting my eyes then my screen lights up. Pssht! It’s spam. There’s a second message. It’s from him! Moral of the story: Never lose hope in your looks.
I think I thanked God for the text before opening it. Here’s what he said: 

Hey! I had a lot of fun with you today. You genuinely made me laugh and I’d like to do this again. Text me when you get this. 

Hearts can’t do somersaults but mine did. My lungs are in perfect condition but for a minute there I couldn’t breath right. ” Calm down girl. Be chilled about it.” I typed out a reply fast and couldn’t stop smiling at the screen. We talked all night long.

It’s been a couple of weeks and it’s going on great. Yesterday was movie day and he picked it out. Mad Max. Here’s some advice ladies, never tell a guy you’ve not watched the movie of the year. They make it their priority to put you in the loop.In my defense, I tried to watch it, I just couldn’t pay attention. However, today I’ll stare at that screen and just be happy at how softly he strokes my hair. I’ll be happy leaning on his shoulder. I’ll be happy feeling him around me. 

He said he’ll bring the popcorn this time around. I won’t blame him though. The last time I made popcorn, they got so burnt you’d think they were tiny rocks put in a bowl. I couldn’t even crush them. He’s still to blame though. He distracted me with his superhero powers. He’s probably made of sugar too because he tastes like it.

In the evening,  I was to meet his friends. We met up at our favorite food joint. Remember the one I was choking at? Yeah. He was at the door looking charming as always and smiled when he saw me. This is kind of a big deal, meeting the guys is like putting yourself up for judgement. Harsh, uncensored and cold judgement.

They were seated around a table in the middle of the room looking like the Knights on the Round Table. The moment we sat down, he held my hand and said “She’s beautiful right?” I smiled. The rest is a blur.


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