Being A Mother.

Hello. It has been a while but here I am. Being a mother may just as well be the best gift humanity ever got. Whether you get your baby via surrogacy, adoption or whatever new methods scientists have now. 

This week I dropped by my sister’s house to raid her kitchen.God bless elder siblings and their fully stocked kitchen cabinets. So there she was, in her room, playing with her bundle of joy. Baby E was running in circles on the  bed and kept falling on her mother’s face. The entire time I’m watching this game, I’m just thinking of how much pain that might be,yet my sister was smiling like nothing was happening. 

As some of you may have noticed, flashbacks and over thinking is kinda my thing. I remember when my sister told me I’d be an aunt, I didn’t believe it until I saw her angelic baby’s face. That my friends, is when I knew what love is. It was also the first time I changed a diaper. Take my word for it, its not as easy as it looks like in the movies. There’s a lot more odour and stuff you wish you’d never seen before. It was also at that point, that I made the executive decision to only become a mother when my sister is there to help me work out the kinks.

My experience with Baby E has made me see mothers in a whole different light. They deal with all the midnight wake up calls, the tantrums, the stains on new clothes, the lost appetites not to mention all the parenting advice you didn’t ask for from “experienced” mothers.

Yet they seem to do it so well. Especially my mother. Whooooo! She had her job cut out for her. I’ve been a handful from the day I was conceived. Hear me right. Not the day I was born. The day I was conceived. From the time I was born extremely chubby till now she managed to raise me to be the corky and slightly angelic girl you hear about.

Without my mother, I’d probably be some crackhead living with a high school dropout and planning on where to get our next high from.This amazing women in our lives have shaped us into the responsible and well mannered people we are today. I’ve been taken care of,educated and loved in a way no one else will ever love me. 

So today’s piece isn’t really all that sensible but hey! This was for my sister, my mother,my aunts and all those other beautiful ladies out there that gave the gift of life to some amazing person, who have never been appreciated for the roles they’ve played. Consider this a Mother’s Day piece. Thank that lovely lady for what she has made you.


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