The One.

You’ll hear this words tossed around in every movie,book or conversation that’s romantic in some way. Before someone gets married, ” She’s the one.” When narrating how they met to the girls,”He’s the one.” It’s everywhere and they all have a basic concept, the person who makes your heart beat  faster and your breath shorter.
I’ll be honest, if I used this concepts as my guidelines, everyone would be the one to me. The next door neighbour, the shopkeeper when she gives me extra change, the bus driver as he speeds along the highway, the dogs in the estate that I run from every evening. At one point I thought the one would be the guy who brought meaning into my life. A few bad relationships here and there,I met the one who gave meaning to my life. Me. To be fair,I’m one hectic person to dedicate your love to. So if you have ever done so or still are doing this, bravo! God bless your brave soul.

I like talking, but not just pointless endless talking, no! I want a real conversation. Something I will enjoy and still learn a thing or two from.Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communication. If we can’t communicate there’s not much difference with whatever we talk about and the arguments I have with my reflection in the bathroom.

The one won’t overthink things simply because its already something I’m skilled at. Its no fun having two people who over think issues. One’s got to keep the other grounded and it certainly won’t be me. I’m a simple girl. You can make me a meal.Sure its undercooked and burnt at the same time. Maybe I’ll have to see a doctor after I eat it but an effort was made and an attempt on my life too but I appreciate it.

I dont like flowers but I love chocolates or wine. I wouldn’t mind getting any of these whenever, we ladies thrive on feeling loved and showered in lush gifts. If he makes an effort to keep me smiling, then I’m hooked.

Then again, when I find the one, I’ll drown him I’m complements if I have to. Mention his haircut,his jawline,his attire,his walk even his shoes. He’d be on cloud nine most of the time because I’d be the one person he chooses to be happy with. Besides, who else would I be nice to with no strings attached?

I’d have fun. The one and I would watch Disney animations and sing along to them,we’d play video games and I’d win by a long shot, we’d talk about how shitty life can be and just enjoy the moment. I’d enjoy the silent moments when only our eyes talk, wondering if the things that remind me of you also remind you of me.

In that moment, when I feel a ray of sunshine burning a memory  into my heart, I’d be so happy I could die. When I find the one, I won’t see anything I don’t like about him but I will soon. Then the test of time and perseverance begins .


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